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Masayuki Saito, Managing Director

Aiming to Be a "True World-Class Company" for Our Customers around the World

Taking over our successful days in Italy as ANEST IWATA Air Tech, ANEST IWATA EUROPE has newly established in 2017, in Germany as a European headquarter of Air Compressor and Vacuum Pump business from ANEST IWATA Corporation, in Japan. We are very new but ANEST IWATA has been the top runner of Oilfree Technology over 25 years and we are very proud of introducing our products with advanced Japanese Technology and European passion.
Our ultimate goal is to grow and become happy with all of our partners. Of course, our air compressors and vacuum pumps can give you various solutions. For example, these days, the world is more environment conscious and our Air Compressor and Vacuum products can solve various problems.
Our company name “ANEST” has the meaning of “Active and Newest Technology”. ANEST IWATA has a lot of “World First” technology such as Oilfree Scroll Technology and these technologies are helping to fulfill a lot of needs all over the world. Also, “ANEST” means earnest and honest. We always serve our partners with our “Trustworthy & Sincere” for their success.
Our challenge has just started and it is long way to be successful, but we believe our future is bright with our Oilfree Technologies. We are covering whole Europe, Middle East and Russia from Germany, so please let us know anything. We are more than happy to work with you to become successful together.

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