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Vacuum Pump Applications


Pick and Place [DVSL]

Conveying workpiece and utilizing a pressure difference with suction pad.

Vacuum Chuck [DVSL]

Chucking a workpiece by pressure difference. Suitable for distorted surface, soft, thin film and small objects.

Medical [ISP/DVSL]

Used for various applications. Cancer therapy system, Sterilization and aspirator in the hospital etc.

Vacuum drying [DVSL]

Removing unnecessary components form the work (workpiece) using vacuum pressure. It is used for delicate material against heating and complex shape. For example ... Removing washing water from mechanical parts, Removing absorbed water molecular from resin pellets, and centrifugal system for chemicals etc.

Vacuum-freeze drying [DVSL]

Sublimating frozen work under vacuum pressure. For example ... instant coffee, dry food, etc.

Vacuum heat insulation [DVSL]

Vacuum is suitable for heat-insulation as it doesn’t cause heat conduction. For example ... Vacuum heat insulation sheet, thermos etc.

Vacuum impregnation [DVSL]

Penetrating the seasoning to groceries using a vacuum pressure. The mechanical components are utilized to infiltrate the adhesive.

Vacuum Forming [DVSL]

Using a vacuum pressure to the molding resin materials.

Degassing [DVSL]

Contained gases are sucked from the material using a vacuum pressure.

Vacuum packaging [DVSL]

Sucking the air from the sealed bag to prevent deterioration of the food and workpiece.

Gas recovery devices [ISP/DVSL]

Make it easier to fill the gas to the container which is under vacuum pressure. It is also used to recover the gases, which are the rare gas and the effective gas to the environment (ISP series).

Exhaust gas inspection [ISP]

It is used for the inspection of particulate contained in the exhaust gas of automobiles.

Leak detectors [ISP/DVSL]

Checking the leakage of containers by pressure change during the certain time under the vacuum pressure. Leak tight pump is needed for Helium leak tester to prevent the influence of background (ISP series).

Electron microscope [ISP]

Electron microscope [ISP] The vacuum pressure is needed in the chamber when the sample is scanned by shot electron beam.

Vacuum heat treatment [ISP]

Preventing the oxidation and removing absorbed gas for heat treatment under the vacuum pressure.

Sputtering [ISP]

Deposit metal on a surface by using fastions to eject particles out of it from a target.

Evapolation deposition [ISP]

Deposit metal on a surface by heating a target in vacuum chamber.

Accelerator • Synchrotron [ISP]

By creating clean vacuum condition, we are supporting world's cutting-edge technologies such as accelerator and particle physics.

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